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BrotART: Tasting German traditional bread in Seoul (Noblesse, March 2024)

9 Apr 2024
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[Translation of the Korean Article]

In an era full of sweet deserts, there are also many healthy breads.

German bread is not particularly well-known in Korea,

but because it is easy to digest and high satiety it is eaten very often in Europe. 

Instead of white flour, rye or dinkel flour is used, and instead of yeast, 

natural leaven is added. BrotART, which opened in Yeouido in 2018, is a bakery

that introduces traditional German bread in Korea.  

Kim Hyung-joon, chef baker of BrotART, worked in Stuttgart and Dresden (Germany) 

to broaden his experiences after he completed his 'Meister' as a baker in Germany. 

With the goal to introduce more than 3200 different kinds of German bread in Korea,

Kim Hyung-joon imports ingredients directly from Europe, including Germany and France,

and presents more than 100 freshly baked breads every day. 

The main menu are German traditional rye bread, Brezel and Ciabatta, but also several 

sandwiches made from healthy breads are very popular.

In May last year, the company opened "M Café", 

BrotART Cheongdam store in cooperation with the fashion brand MCM, 

allowing visitors to taste German bread in luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.