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[Information] Freiburg Baroque Orchestra 'J.S. Bach: St. Matthew Passion'

22 Mar 2024
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The St. Matthew Passion, one of the greatest masterpieces of Baroque music and a legacy to mankind, performed by an authentic German period instrument ensemble

* What is 'Period Instrument'?

Also known as "archaic instruments" or "original instruments," period instruments are instruments that are made in the style of the period in which the music was composed hundreds of years ago.

The shape/loudness/tone/playing style of the instrument distinguishes it from today's instruments, such as the use of gut strings made from twisted sheep intestines instead of steel strings in the case of violins.

Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, under the direction of Francesco Corti, has prepared a rich program featuring a number of artists.

Together with Züricher Sing-Akademie from Switzerland and the Collegium Vocale Seoul from Korea, it will be a unique opportunity to see six top-notch soloists in one place.

Please note that the cast may vary depending on the performance.

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