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Job vacancy: Three Max Planck Foundation Research Group Leader positions

5 Mar 2024
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What is the Max Planck Society?

World-leading, independent, non-profit research organization

Goal: promote cutting edge basic research

•The MPG worldwide: 84 Max Planck Institutes with over 24,000 employees

•Research areas: broad areas of life and natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, law

•Strong interest in innovative and interdisciplinary research areas

What is this vacancy about?

• Three positions as Max Planck Foundation Research Group Leader in the area of carbon capture technologies

• Aim: Supporting talnented scholars early in their career

• Carbon Capture Technologies as part of the solution to addressing global warming is a promising field of research

• Possible research approaches include: new chemical, electrochemical, (bio)catalytic, synthetic biological, bio(techno)logical, microbe- or plant-based initiatives, as well as approaches using material science or engineering

What the MPG offers:

• Max Planck Foundation Research Group at a Max Planck Institute of their own choice

• Become part of a larger network of scientists who develop and establish this line of research within the MPG

• Funding package: W2 position (equivalent to an assistant or non-tenured associate professor level), resources for scientific staff, generous + flexible budget for equipment etc.

• Total funding amount: 2.6 million Euros

• Period: six years, extension of three more years possible

When this catched your interest, read more about the application guidelines and facts about this vacancy in the attached file.