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[Korean Language Education] King Sejong Institute to continue digital innovation for Hangeul learners

16 Apr 2024
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Amid heightened interest in Hangeul, the King Sejong Institute, which is at the forefront of Korean-language education abroad, saw a surge in the number of students last year, according to the King Sejong Institute on Friday. The number of online students rose 44 percent to about 88,000 last year. Including some 128,000 offline students, the King Sejong Institute now serves well more than 200,000 Korean-language students.

- The Korea Herald (Park Ga-young)

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The King Sejong Institute does not only provide language education material in form of textbooks etc., but also runs a youtube-channel, gathering cultural, social and other information about the country and the language. Watch the video below, starring ADeKo Junior Board member Daniel Lindemann to get insight into their work!